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A logo design is the graphic representation of your company. It is the design that symbolizes your business values and beliefs. When I design a logo, I believe that simpler is better. This is especially true in today's world when everything is moving so fast and you (and your business) have less and less time to impress potential clients. Let me use my marketing and graphic design skills to create a modern yet stylish logo that will catch the eye (and memory) of your customers.

Logo Design

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"Good graphic design is intelligence made visible"

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I'm "Nino", a freelance graphic and logo designer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Below I have drafted my logo design process from start to finish. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, if you already have a logo but would like to upgrade it, just shoot me an email and lets talk about it!

Breif / Research


For me, getting all the key information from you and your business is the most crucial step in my logo design process. I want to know what distinguishes your business from your competition, what are you goals and where are you going in the future. The more I know about my client, the smarter solutions I can come up with.

Brainstorming / Sketching


In this phase, based on the information that you provided and some research, I brainstorm and generate logo ideas. Sketching your logo is where my creativity comes into play. After sketching a couple ideas, I will send them to you so you can select the most promising ones.

Design Execution


The next logo design step is selecting the best ideas and translate them into digital artwork. After the final decision is made, it is time for me to work on the file formats and deliverables. I use Adobe Illustrator to design vector graphics (for printing) and Photoshop for all the bitmap versions (website, social media, etc).

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"Design adds value faster than it adds costs"


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"Everything is designed. Not everything is designed well"


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